Clean your makeup brushes!

It is an unfortunate fact that paying upwards of $30 for a single makeup brush isn’t uncommon. Good quality makeup brushes are an investment. And, like any other investment, you want to get the best possible return on that investment. Cleaning your brushes on a regular basis is the only way to do that. Here are a two simple steps you can take towards keeping them in like-new condition:

Every 2-3 days: Spread a makeup remover towelette over the palm of your hand and sweep your brush back and forth over it to remove excess makeup. Do this after you’ve applied your makeup for the day, as the brushes will take a little while to dry afterward.

Day 225: Makeup Brush Holder

(Photo credit: SodanieCheve)

Every week: Run warm water over the bristles of the brush, holding the brush with the bristles pointed down. Use baby shampoo (I don’t recommend using normal shampoo, it isn’t as gentle) and work it into the bristles. You’ll notice a lot of makeup running down the drain! That’s not just makeup though. You’re also removing dirt, dead skin cells, oils and bacteria. Who wants all of that on their face?

Keep up with this routine and you’ll have cleaner, softer brushes as well as healthier skin!

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