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Top 5: Makeup Essentials

Some people laugh at me when I put the two words “makeup” and “essential” in the same sentence. And well, there’s a good point in there somewhere. But for chronic makeup users like me,  these are a few things that I always have on hand:

1. MAC Paint Pot. $18.50. What an oddly clever name for a makeup product. The Paint Pot I use the most is in the color “Bare Study” and it makes an excellent, slightly shimmery, long-wearing eye shadow base. If you don’t care for the slight shimmer, go for a color like “Painterly” or “Soft Ochre” that has a matte finish

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush. $25. I’ve bought several of these blushes (plus swatched all of them at Sephora), and I’m fairly sure that it’s impossible to purchase an unflattering shade. The


(Photo credit: My Sight, as You See.)

one I use almost every day is “Dollface”, a light pink with cool undertones and a very natural sheen.

3. Covergirl “Clump Crusher” Mascara. $6.99. I am a mascara junkie, so this Clump Crusher stuff is just my flavor of the week. But things are starting to get a bit serious. This might actually be…the one. You know what I mean?

4. CARGO blu_ray Pressed Powder. $32. Now this powder is the Cadillac of powders, in my opinion. It doesn’t cake, or settle into lines…or make you look like an Oompa Loompa after a few hours. It’s specifically made for photography, so it looks amazing in pictures. One downside: there are only four shades to pick from. But since it’s not a heavy powder, those four shades should match a wide variety of skin tones. So if you find a close-enough color, give it a shot!

5. Covergirl “Shimmering Sands” Eyeshadow Palette. $4. By far my favorite drugstore eyeshadow palette, and I’ve been trying for years to find a match for it. Such a thing DOES NOT EXIST. There are three simple colors: a champagne-y highlight, a taupe-y bronze for the lids, and a deeper bronze for the crease color. Perfect for those “I don’t care what I look like…but I kind of do, so I’ll slap some of this on” kinds of days.

Obviously, that’s not everything. The rest will be in another Top 5 list somewhere. Until then, see you all next time!

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